A Weekend in Moalboal

A Weekend in Moalboal (Cebu, Philippines)

Just a few weeks after my Malapascua trip, I headed off to my next beach destination — Moalboal Island located in Cebu, Philippines. I was invited by one of my best friends to stay in her house with her beautiful family.

It was such a fun weekend. We celebrated her sister’s birthday, went gleaning, and had an endless chat session.

Moalboal (pronounced as mo-ahl-bo-ahl) is just 2-3 hours away by bus or by van from Cebu City. It has two main beach destinations: Panagsama and Bas Daku, both of which offer easy access to Pescador Island, a famous diving spot which is located just a few kilometers off its coast. For scuba divers out there, you shouldn’t miss Pescador.

We opted for Bas Daku as Panagsama beach doesn’t have white sand. Bas Daku has a long coastline with white sand beach and an array of beachfront hotels and hostels. Going to the center of town from Bas Daku is also very easy and takes only a few minutes by tricycle.

If you’re planning for a quick weekend getaway, Moalboal is one great choice!


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A Weekend in Moalboal Island (Cebu, Philippines)

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  1. Ahhh, I completely missed this when I was in the Philippines. We went over the water from Cebu city to another island, I can’t remember the name now! So many places to see if I go back to the Philippines.

  2. Looks like a stunning place to visit and sounds like you had so much fun. We would love to chill out in a place like this when we visit the Philippines this year!

    1. Yes, I highly recommend this beautiful island. It usually takes about 5 hours by bus from the city but it’s worth it. :)

  3. Looks like you had a fun time! Gotta love beach destinations in the summer! And it’s always a great experience to get shown around a place by locals!