Olango Island: An Underrated Paradise in Cebu

Olango Island - An Underrated Paradise in Cebu

Known for its wildlife heritage, this paradise is located offshore from Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines.

The Olango Island Group comprises of Olango Island and its neighboring islets namely: Sulpa, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Pangan-an, and Camungi.

Olango Island - An Underrated Paradise in Cebu

It is about 1,030 hectares large and is a great destination for people seeking peace and relaxation. With its scenic environment, it continues to attract both local and foreign nature lovers.

If you are a huge fan of the coastal environment, this place has ports around where you can catch a good view of offshore coral reefs, flatlands, and the sunset.

Olango Island - An Underrated Paradise in Cebu

Scuba diving is also a fun activity you can do while visiting Olango Island. For advanced scuba divers, Tingo Point is a popular dive site to see thresher and hammerhead sharks as you swim down a sandy slope.

Olango Island - An Underrated Paradise in Cebu

For a more relaxing experience, there are numerous resorts to accommodate your swimming and other aesthetic needs.

Listed below are the two most popular hotels in Olango:

  1. Talima Beach Villas and Dive Resort
  2. Sagastrand Beach Resort

You can also check for more hotel deals through Agoda.

Olango Island - An Underrated Paradise in Cebu

Visiting Olango Island between September to March, especially during the peak seasons of November and February, means you get to see the oodles of migratory birds coming from China, Japan, Siberia, and Australia. What more! You can opt for a kayaking experience and get a perfect glimpse of the birds and wildlife on display.

Indeed a great way to spend your day!

How to get to Olango Island

From Punta Engaño Port

Ride a jeepney or taxi to Punta Engaño and have yourself dropped off at the port beside Movenpick Hotel (formerly Hilton Hotel). From the port, hop on a boat going to Olango Island.

From Angasil Port

Ride a jeepney or taxi to the port near Mactan Newtown Beach (formerly Portofino Resort) and hop on a boat going to Olango Island.

Both rides take about 20-30 minutes and cost Php15 including the terminal fee.


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  1. I’ve heard great things about Cebu but haven’t heard of Olango it looks beautiful I love fantastic beaches so this appeals to me!

  2. This place looks amazing. I was wanting to go the Philippines last winter but went back to Peru instead!! Hopefully I can get there soon and do 30 days exploring. This place is certainly going to be on the list, its just stunning :-)

  3. I love the huts with the straw roofs! I’ve never heard of Olango Island before but it looks very untouched by tourism, which is awesome!

  4. It looks like a paradise indeed when I see your pictures. I honestly never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing your tips for this place.